Italian Cuisine Cooking Course in the Palazzo dei Leoni

Palazzo dei Leoni, a lovely luxury villa in Vacciago (Lake Orta) offers you the opportunity of attending a 4 hour cooking course to learn the secrets of the most delectable Italian cuisine.

Professional Chef, Emma Freddi, part of the Enrica Rocca team ( will be in Italy from the 15th of June to the 15th of September.

She’s a professional chef, who’s been successfully holding courses in Cape Town for several years and she could be your teacher for a special lunch or dinner or be your personal chef for as long as you wish.

Prices vary from 140 euro pp (minimum 4 people) up to 180 euro pp (minimum 2 people) for a 4 hour course (food and wine pairing included).

Booking one month prior to arrival if you want to join a course of Enrica Rocca, she has a passion for food and you will never forget this experience.

Palazzo dei Leoni, Vacciago
Palazzo dei Leoni, Vacciago

Vacciago, where the luxury villa is located, is extremely exclusive and a holiday retreat for wealthy families: Lake Orta,

a subalpine lake, is considered a hidden jewel and one of the favourite destination for discerning holiday makers from all over the world. The villa has a Spa and heated pool!!

Lake Orta, only 21 km from the well-known Lake Maggiore, in the northern Italy.

You will find a fascinating history and Romanesque and Baroque architecture in the area. Friedrich Nietzsche and Honoré de Balzac have been very impressed by the quiet beauty of the landscape.

Book and enjoy!

Luxury Palazzo dei Leoni, Italy
Luxury Palazzo dei Leoni, Italy
Palazzo dei Leoni
Palazzo dei Leoni



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