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Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 5 Sleeps: 10
Pool: 1
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Located in the heart of the Medina, or historic city, of Marrakech, the AnaYela is surrounded on all sides by the bustling souks, cafes and nightclubs of the lively Red City. Housed in a 300-year-old palace, the Boutique Hotel is named for a former occupant, a girl named Yela who left behind an intimate journal in one of its secret rooms. The hotel name translates literally to “I Am Yela,” and everything in it references the life and times of its past dweller. One of Morocco’s most renowned calligraphers even hammered the girl’s story in silver onto the vast doors scattered throughout the premises so that guests can stroll through the house and “read” them like pages in a storybook. The building itself is an homage to Moroccan history – in particular, local architecture and design. Can be rented as a whole property.

Its restoration was conducted using only traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, with over 100 artisans performing the work completely by hand, without the help of a single electric tool. Similarly, each piece of furniture and ornamentation was personally designed by owner Bernd Kolb and designer Yannick Hervy and then hand-crafted by a team of Moroccan artisans. Inside, the AnaYela contains just three double rooms and two suites, meaning guests are assured a luxuriously intimate and exclusive experience. Each room is individually decorated, and the suites come with brick-built baths for two. Services range from in-room massage to on-site henna painting, and facilities include a restaurant serving traditional Moroccan cuisine, 24-hour snack bar, multiple lounge areas and several conference spaces, including an open-air cinema and two salons.

As in all urban Moroccan homes, the heart of the AnaYela is a roofless inner courtyard that acts as a veritable open-air living room complete with heated swimming pool. Up above is the hotel’s terrace roof bar featuring an authentic nomad tent from the Sahara and an open fire for barbecuing. A small terrace tower known as the Flying Carpet is one of the highest points in the Medina, a romantic spot where Yela once met her lover and where now guests can enjoy stunning views of Marrakech below and the Atlas Mountains beyond.

The boutique hotel is happy to arrange a number of special services and programmes for guests, including traditional Moroccan soirees – complete with live music, snake charmers, soothsayers and storytellers – and unusual Experience Programmes inspired by the film The Game and executed in collaboration with Moroccan directors and actors. The hotel can also put together tailor-made programmes for city exploration and even provide a personal shopper to help guests negotiate price.


3 double rooms and 2 suites
Exquisite traditional Moroccan cuisine
24-hour snacks
Lounge areas
Roof top bar
Roof terrasse for cocktails / dinners for parties up to 80 people
Heated swimming-pool
Relaxing massage in the room Manicure/pedicure and hairdresser, henna painter in the AnaYela upon request
Air conditioning (1st floor rooms)
Salon with flatscreen for presentations for up to 10 people.
Open salon for discussions, creative workshops and so on for up to 10 people.

Prices & Service

Price upon request

What's included

Exquisite traditional Moroccan cuisine in the restaurant
Maid Service


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Very authentic neighbourhood in the medina of Marrakech, only 10 minute walk from the souks, and 20 minute to airport. Three golf courses (10 min. drive)
Squads (15 min. drive)
Horseback riding (15 min. drive)
Tennis courts (10 min. drive)


Marrakech stands out on the “once on a life time travel destination” along with other known world cities as Paris in France, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Rome in Italy, New York City in USA, Lisbon in Portugal, Istanbul in Turkey, Samarkand in Uzbekistan or Cairo in Egypt. At least once in a lifetime you have to visit Marrakech. Marrakesh offers a wide choice of activities. If you’re looking for culture, museums and monuments, Marrakech has an outstanding number of well preserved palaces, madrasas and open air museums and gardens.

If you’re traveling for shopping, spa, hammam and massage, disco & nightclubs or fancy restaurants in Marrakech, the city gets you on the move and will keep you busy for a couple of days and nights.
If you’re looking for adventure you can do some camel trekking in the beautiful palm groves or engage on a Sahara Desert 4X4 adventure tour in Morocco or go skiing in the Atlas Mountains.
Whatever you desire during your holidays Marrakech makes it possible. Marrakesh endless markets will make you loose the notion of time while you walk around open air street markets (called souks), shopping for exotic and exquisite handicraft.

You’ll have plenty of local shops, workshops with artisans working in loco, and you can buy that so long wanted Moroccan carpet or Moroccan lamp that will so perfectly fit and decorate your house back home. Marrakech stands out on the “once on a life time travel destination” along with other known world cities as Paris in France, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Rome in Italy, New York City in USA, Lisbon in Portugal, Istanbul in Turkey, Samarkand in Uzbekistan or Cairo in Egypt. At least once in a lifetime you have to visit Marrakech.

Dining: Marrakech is the perfect destination to experience several different restaurant options and taste the varied and exotic cuisine Marrakech has to offer. Either you’ll looking for the normal Moroccan street food or the chic-classic restaurant, Marrakech offers you all the possibilities.

Shopping: The Arabic word “souk” translates for “market”. There are hundreds of miles of market streets inside Marrakech old Medina (city). You can get all type of shops and products as it exists many different markets specialized in different things. By excellence these souks are the Marrakech shopping district where you can buy almost everything. Explore Marrakech souks to buy carpets, clothes, handicraft, scarves, ceramics and much more.

El Badi Palace was built in the 16th century by king Ahmad al-Mansur. Today much of the palace is under ruins but you still can appreciate several well preserved towers from where you can enjoy a gorgeous Sun Set where dozens of storks nest full-time.

List of Monuments in Marrakech: Koutoubia Mosque,  Bahia Palace,  El Badi Palace,Marrakech Ramparts, Gate of the Gnaoua, Majorelle Garden, La Menara Gardens, Agdal Garden, Saadian Tombs, Madrassa Ben Youssef