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Luxury holiday villas on Lesvos. The warm climate of Lesvos island, the rich soil and plentiful waters have created the all over green Lesvos that the visitor enjoys today. The big areas planted with olive trees are cut by dense pinewoods. The essence of beauty is spread on Lesvos. In the afternoons deep silence, the hot calm mornings and the silver gulfs where ancient cultures passed and got lost - the sense of serenity and moderation is everywhere.

There are many beaches on the island of Lesvos, of all shapes and sizes with activity and watersports, from jet-skis to windsurfing, while others are deserted, even in summer... According to Mythology, Makaras, son of God Sun, immigrated to Lesvos island. Homer refers to Lesvos in Ilias and Odyssey. This is where Menelaos, Diomedes and Ulysses met, after the siege of Troy, to decide on the way of their return. As the archaeological findings evidence, on the island had developed a culture corresponding to the Trojan or the Mycenaean one.
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Villa Faros - Sigri

Bedrooms: 6Sleeps: 12
From 20,000 EUR/week
Villa Faros has been designed by its owners to provide a memorable vacation experience to the most discerning guests... More details