Luxury Gear for the Luxury Traveler

Luxury Gear for the Luxury Traveler

Published on 14/12/2014 by Finest Holidays - Luxury Travel

Top of the range skiing holidays usually include the best accommodation – a luxury chalet can come with a chef and driver, spa and gym thrown in. But the commitment to quality and opulence doesn’t have to stop when you ski out of the door. Most skiing equipment comes in a luxury version too.

Here’s a look at some of the best, most exclusive gear you can slide down a slope with.

1 – Lacroix Skis

A good pair of skis should be your first priority for a good skiing experience. They needn’t be expensive. But they can be very expensive indeed.

Lacroix make some of the most elegant and respected skis in the world. A top of the range pair from their current range will cost you more than €8,000. Special editions go to a whole new dimension.

The Ultime Ski range was sold through Parisian jeweler Philippe Tournaire. In very limited editions, they came with white gold and diamonds encrusted on them. Lacroix’s flagship store is in Courchevel, the resort of choice for Russian oligarchs.

2 – Oakley Airwave Goggles

You need to see where you’re going, right? Oakley’s more-than £500 goggles don’t owe their price tag to shiny finishes or rare gemstones. The cash here is going into the tech behind the visor. These goggles come with the sort of HUD (Heads up Display) fighter pilots use. They also have Wi-Fi and GPS. An app allows you to share your record-breaking run straight to your social media profiles. They’ll tell you how far above sea level you are, what the temperature is and if you’re with similarly equipped friends you can track each other. If you can’t bear turning off your phone even when you’re having fun, Airwave goggles will tell you when you when you’ve got a call and let you play your phone’s music library for the perfect downhill soundtrack.

3 – Casco Helmets

For something that might literally save your life, ski helmets are remarkably good value. Casco helmets are beautifully made, in Germany, and also look amazing. The top-of-the-range Peacock design costs over €1,000. It’s limited edition, so get in quickly if you want something exclusive. They’re stylish enough to have been selected for the New York Accessorie Circuit, an exclusive design exhibition usually focusing on handbags, jewelry and the like.

4 – Apex Ski Boots

Your feet get a real battering on the slopes, so a good pair of ski boots is a vital part of your skiing kit. Launched as the most expensive ski boot, Apex boots claimed to have a whole new system that would make them “the first comfortable ski boot”. Designed by a ski racer, they certainly seem to have the high-tech side of things covered and when you see that their European outlets are in St Moritz, Verbier and Laax, you know the in-the-know crowd are keen on them too. They’re around the $1,000 mark.

5 – Arc’teryx Alpha SV Gloves

These gloves consistently top tests and reviews, as long as price isn’t a consideration. They’re around £200-a-pair. For that though you get lots of high-technology – Tri-Dex™ for exceptional dexterity; N80p-X GORE-TEX® fabric – and the timeless virtues of goat leather from an experienced Canadian company. They’re aimed at skiers and anyone else who heads off to the mountains. They might be expensive, but they’re built to last.

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