The Barn in Oberlech - A Ski In/Ski Out Chalet Redefining Alpine Luxury

The Barn in Oberlech - A Ski In/Ski Out Chalet Redefining Alpine Luxury

Published on 09/02/2024 by Katrin Wittich

Lech is renowned not only for its exceptional skiing opportunities but also for its upscale ski chalets. The resort's luxurious reputation and privacy make it a favoured destination for celebrities and high-profile individuals looking for a discreet and sophisticated getaway.

Chalet The Barn emerges as a dazzling addition to the realm of ultra-luxurious chalets, captivating enthusiasts with its opulent amenities and breathtaking design. This new star in the chalet constellation promises an unparalleled experience, blending extravagant comfort with the charm of alpine elegance, setting a new standard for indulgent mountain retreats. Welcome to a captivating journey through this exquisite chalet nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Alpine paradise of Lech. As we embark on this tour, prepare to be enchanted by the charm and opulence that define this mountain chalet.

Despite a blue-blooded guest list picture-perfect Austrian ski resort Lech am Arlberg remains true to its village origins (Photo © Lech-Zuers-Tourismus GmbH/Josef Mallaun)

Indulge in a sublime Alpine stay at The Barn, a ski in/ski out chalet high above Lech in the enchanting village of Oberlech, just a stone's throw from the slopes. Immerse yourself in a holiday of unparalleled luxury, where panoramic vistas of the pristine countryside and majestic mountains harmonize with a mega opulent chalet. 

From numerous balconies of Chalet The Barn, guests can enjoy breathtaking views across Lech's winter wonderland
From numerous balconies of Chalet The Barn, guests can enjoy breathtaking views across Lech's winter wonderland

As you step into the expansive living area of Chalet The Barn, your senses are immediately captivated by a vivid and lively palette of colors that dance harmoniously across the walls and furnishings. The ambiance is one of energy and warmth, accentuated by the play of hues carefully chosen to create a visually stimulating atmosphere.

The room is bathed in natural light streaming through large, panoramic windows that frame breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape of the Austrian Alps. These windows not only flood the space with daylight but also seamlessly connect the interior with the beauty of the outdoors, providing a constant reminder of the natural world. The furniture is a testament to thoughtful design and coordination, each piece contributing to the overall aesthetic with precision. Every chair, sofa, and table seems purposefully placed, creating a harmonious flow that invites you to explore the various functional and stylish corners of the living area.

Luxury permeates the space, evident in the choice of high-quality fabrics and materials that adorn the furniture and decor. Plush sofas beckon for relaxation, and the touch of these sumptuous materials adds an extra layer of comfort to the already inviting atmosphere. The meticulous attention to detail is apparent, ensuring that every element contributes to the overall sense of opulence. Adding to the charm is the infusion of a typical Alpine flair. Whether it's the rustic wooden accents, the inviting warmth of a fireplace, or nods to traditional Alpine decor, this touch of regional character creates a unique and cozy ambiance within the larger luxury setting.

The Barn, Oberlech - Main living area
The huge crimson L-shaped sofa with cream and color-coordinated cushions in the lounge is an unspoken invitation to snuggle up. Along with flat rectangular tables and large bookshelves, the setting is reminiscent of the midcentury style

Spanning an impressive 1000 square meters, the living area provides a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. The sheer size allows for the incorporation of distinct zones, from intimate seating areas to expansive entertainment spaces, ensuring that every corner of this vast haven is utilized with purpose and style. In this meticulously curated living space, the fusion of vivid colors, large windows, coordinated furniture, high-quality materials, and Alpine charm creates an environment that goes beyond mere aesthetics.  It's a sanctuary of luxury and comfort, where every detail has been carefully considered to offer an unforgettable experience for those fortunate enough to step into its embrace.

The Barn, Oberlech - Breakfast table
Before hitting the slopes, a lavish breakfast with panoramic vistas gives a taste of adventures awaiting on the powder

A professional team is dedicated to fulfilling your every desire. Start your day with a hearty breakfast that prepares you for an exhilarating day on the slopes. In the afternoon, indulge in a delightful spread of coffee and cake to refuel your energy. The staff's commitment extends to the evenings, where the chefs craft deliciously prepared dinners paired with excellent wines, ensuring a gastronomic journey that satisfies the most discerning palates.

Enjoy the luxury of having a private butler at your disposal, ready to serve you champagne or cocktails at your whim. The staff is trained to anticipate and fulfill your every wish, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. Rest assured, the chalet team operates discreetly in the background, respecting your privacy throughout your skiing holiday. They aim to create a haven where you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of skiing, knowing that every detail of your stay is meticulously taken care of by The Barn's attentive and professional staff.

The Barn, Oberlech - Master suite balcony view
Unobstructed view from the master suite's balcony towards the glorious winter landscape with snow-capped summits in the Arlberg region

However, the true allure lies just beyond, where a vast and inviting terrace extends the boundaries of luxury living. The centerpiece of this outdoor sanctuary is a meticulously designed outdoor kitchen, where culinary delights come to life against the breathtaking alpine scenery. A state-of-the-art BBQ stands ready to sizzle and sear, promising indulgent feasts under the open sky. The adjacent outdoor dining area, adorned with elegant furnishings, invites guests to relish their meals amidst the crisp mountain air.

A bar on the terrace mirrors the charm of its indoor counterpart, ensuring that refreshing libations are always within arm's reach. The atmosphere is enhanced by the gentle glow of carefully placed ambient lighting, creating a magical ambiance as day transitions to night. At the heart of the terrace, a contemporary fire pit takes center stage, surrounded by a semi-circular seating area featuring plush armchairs adorned with cushions. The arrangement is completed with warming fur blankets, providing both comfort and a touch of luxuriance. This intimate setting becomes the perfect spot for guests to gather, sharing stories and laughter around the crackling flames.

The Barn, Oberlech - Outdoor firepit
A promising setting for exuberant, informal and cheerful evenings - the outdoor firepit is encircled by sofas and armchairs with soft pillows and fur blankets

The Barn features seven en-suite bedrooms spanning across the ground and lower floors, with six of them boasting private balconies. Adorned in warm, inviting colors complemented by wood accents, each room is carefully decorated with high-quality furniture. The thoughtful design and premium materials create an atmosphere that seamlessly blends elegance with scenic majesty, ensuring a truly sophisticated and comfortable stay. All rooms provide stunning views over the picturesque village of Lech, enhancing the overall experience with breathtaking scenery.

One of 7 bedrooms of Chalet The Barn
One of seven bedrooms - four-poster bed with a chequered back and bedspread, perfectly harmonising with the dark red wall panelling and heavy curtains

The master suite offers a sense of sophistication and comfort. As you enter the bedroom, you are greeted by breathtaking views of majestic mountains. At its focal point is a charming fireplace, framed by elegant dark grey armchairs that beckon you to unwind in serene tranquility. The free-standing bath offers a private sanctuary, allowing you to indulge in moments of relaxation and contemplation. After a day spent on the slopes, there's no better way to soothe tired muscles and bask in the afterglow of outdoor adventures. This thoughtful addition transforms the master suite into a haven of indulgence, where every detail is crafted to enhance the overall sense of well-being. Whether you choose to enjoy the tranquil views from the bath or simply revel in the solitude, this space ensures that your post-skiing relaxation is an exquisite and private affair.

The Barn, Oberlech, Master Suite
The master suite is decorated in subdued beige tones. The oval, free-standing bathtub in the private bathroom can be seen in the background. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors give way to the balcony
The Barn, Oberlech. Seating area with fireplace - Master Suite
Before falling asleep in the super comfy bed, you can wind down the day by watching the flickering flames of the fireplace in the master suite's sitting area
Cozy seating area
A secluded seating area offers both a breathtaking view and a sense of privacy, creating an ideal sanctuary for unwinding with a book and a glass of wine

The spa area is a serene sanctuary meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled relaxation experience. Step into a world of tranquility as you indulge in the soothing ambiance of the spa facilities. The centerpiece is a cocooning steam bath, where billowing clouds of steam envelop you, promoting deep relaxation and cleansing. Adjacent is a sauna, inviting you to unwind and rejuvenate in its warmth. For those seeking a refreshing dip, a pool awaits. After a few laps, sink into the plush armchairs strategically placed around the pool area, providing an ideal spot for socializing. There's truly nothing more satisfying than unwinding in this tranquil oasis after a day spent skiing on the majestic slopes of the Arlberg.

The Barn, Oberlech - Spa with Indoor pool
Chalet The Barn's spa is an unsurpassed oasis where everything revolves around well-being and relaxation - with the indoor pool at its core

With its distinctive Alpine flair, The Barn offers the perfect setting for families and friends who want to spend an exceptional ski vacation with outstanding service in the Austrian Alps.

For those who still want something special in terms of gourmet experiences, we recommend:

Restaurant Rote Wand Chef's Table

The superlative of cooking pleasure: Julian Stieger and his team work at full speed. A maximum of 18 guests can observe from the front row the precise process of creating a menu from mainly regional products. A culinary delight is guaranteed. No wonder, because there is hardly anywhere else where you can enjoy such an extraordinary experience as at the Rote Wand Chef's Table. Not even on the Arlberg, which is spoilt for choice. After several hours, they send you off into the cool night feeling blissfully full and carefree.

Restaurant Rote Wand Chef's Table, Lech, Austrian Alps
Cooking and gastronomic delights at Rote Wand Chef’s Table. „Chessboard“ of small pieces of oyster, partly grilled, partly raw - Salted and smoked char with lavender - Elderflower tart with caviar - Oven-baked duck, served with duck ragout, porcini mushrooms, elder, pine and fresh strawberries (Montage © Finest Holidays)

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