The 20 World’s Very Best Exclusive Hire Chalets – Part 1

Where are you going this winter? If you’re heading to the slopes there’s never been a better time – new luxury chalets are being built all the time, and those that are there are being improved, refurbished and renovated to ever higher standards.

Today’s elite traveler, no matter how demanding, has plenty of choice as they pick their mountain retreat for winter 2017/18. While the Alpine settings are the timeless work of nature today’s best chalets scale the heights of design in the latest styles.

These homes-away-from-home must do more than look good. Luxury travellers want a comfortable welcoming experience with world-beating entertainment, technology, wellness and dining facilities. Behind the wonderful facades lies a seamless lifestyle experience where a diet of Michelin-starred private dining accomonied by the finest vintage champagnes is served with discrete panache by hospitality specialists.

In Verbier, Courchevel and Zermatt this winter the world’s business, entertainment and political movers and shakers will sit back and relax in total opulence with captivating company. These properties don’t grow on trees, but they can be found – many you can book now through Finest Holidays.

We’ve picked out 20 of the very best luxury chalets and present our first 10 here. If you want to spend some time in these exclusive haunts, you’ll need t hurry, they’re exclusive and in demand and come at a considerable premium.

1 – New: Chalet La Vizelle, Courchevel 1850

As many as 15 guests can luxuriate in Chalet La Vizelle, where enormous sofas under the chandeliers and double-height ceilings. The film-set-perfect exteriors of this chalet look out over the slopes of the huge 3 Valleys ski area. Super-luxe interiors follow this beautifully traditional vibe, though dashes of modern minimalism make for a perfect mix that is complemented with world-class service and a superb steam room.

Luxury Ski Chalet La Vizelle, Courchevel 1850, French Alps
Chalet La Vizelle – The main living room

2 – Chalet Jejalp, Morzine

A two-story wine cellar shows that your chalet has been built by someone who takes the good life seriously. Jejalp, brand new and beautifully designed to make the most of the Alpine light, is very family friendly though. It’s practical and enjoyable as well as beautiful. World-class spa and sauna facilities will delight parents while the kids watch a flick in the cinema room.

Luxury Ski Chalet Jejalp, Morzine, French Alps
Chalet Jejalp – The main living room

3 – New: Chalet Les Étrennes, Verbier

Is Verbier the crème-de-la-crème of Alpine resorts? Possibly. It’s certainly up there, and Chalet Les Étrennes’ six bedrooms enjoy wonderful views over the Mont Blanc massif near the village. Les Etrennes uses acres of glass, high ceilings and crisp, light design to bring the mountain magic inside. The big hot tub and book-lined rec room are there for alone time while the enormous living and dining space is the lively family or social hub of this beautiful home.

Luxury Ski Chalet Les Etrennes, Verbier, Swiss Alps
Chalet Les Etrennes – Exterior view

4 – New: Chalet McKinley, Zermatt

They call the development in which Chalet McKinley sits the 7 Heavens, and this brand new, ultra-luxe chalet will take you to an Alpine nirvana. What’s the highlight of this unique property? The superlative spa and wellness facilities? Or what about the elegant, modern living space, or the gym, or the fantastic en-suite rooms, or the exclusive village-centre setting…?

Luxury Ski Chalet McKinley, Zermatt, Swiss Alps
Chalet McKinley – Indoor swimming pool

5 – Chalet Aconcagua, Zermatt

Part of a collection of seven chalets in the perfectly named 7 Heavens, Chalet Aconcagua is in the centre of Zermatt with views of the iconic Matterhorn. You’ll still find the wood and stone of the perfect, traditional Alpine chalet, but given a very modern twist for a clientele who demand the very best design as well as the very best skiing. Everything here – from sauna to gym to cigar room – is state-of-the-art, eveything is near perfect.

Luxury Ski Chalet Aconcagua, Zermatt, Swiss Alps
Chalet Aconcagua – Bedroom

6 – No. 14, Verbier

If you’ve ever stayed in a beautiful hotel and thought, “I’d love to have this place to myself“, then No. 14 might be for you. Its 10m indoor pool, spa and individually and beautifully styled bedrooms with custom-made furniture were once part of a luxury hotel. Now it’s available for private hire as one of the most interesting chalets in this stylish resort and a must for exlusive large-group winter breaks.

Luxury Ski Chalet No.14, Verbier, Swiss Alps
Chalet No.14 – Indoor swimming pool

7 – New: Chalet Daphne, Verbier

Five minutes from the lifts and in the heart of Verbier, Chalet Daphne – a new property – is as chic and sophisticated as a Parisian townhouse. Clean lines and some striking art pieces keep this outwardly traditional Swiss property firmly in the 21st century, with Apple TV bringing the latest in entertainment to complement the ancient steam therapy of the hammam.

Luxury Ski Chalet Daphne, Verbier, Swiss Alps
Chalet Daphne – Dining table

8 – Chalet Blossom Hill, Courchevel Le Praz

Sometimes the most luxurious spaces can seem overwhelming, tasteless even, but Chalet Blosson Hill is exquisitely elegant as well as astoundingly well equipped. The design here is really the star, and it is one of those seen-to-be-believed properties.

Luxury Ski Chalet Blossom Hill, Courchevel La Praz, French Alps
Chalet Blossom Hill – Main living room

9 – The Alpine Estate, Verbier

Described as a “lifestyle retreat“ rather than a chalet, the three properties – reopend Dec 1, 2015, after a massive revamp –  that make up Verbier’s The Alpine Estate are the acme of stylish Alpine living. It’s huge – 1,500m2 and 10 deluxe en-suite bedrooms – but incredibly intimate and put together to the very highest specifications by a visionary designer working with the best craftspeople.

Luxury Ski Chalet The Alpine Estate, Verbier, Swiss Alps
The Alpine Estate – Terrace

10 – New: Penthouse Christiania, Zermatt

Just 500m from the lifts and with the Matterhorn beautifully framed through its windows, this 14-berth apartment is brand new this winter and is a genuinely world-class ski haven. This two floor property packs a huge amount of luxurious style and substance into its seven bedrooms. It’s another of our chalets that makes a great virtue of bringing light flooding into the interior of a design that is stylish, eclectic and up-to-date.

Luxury Ski Penthouse Christiania, Zermatt, Swiss Alps
Penthouse Christiania – Main living area

As you can see, at Finest Holidays we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to picking out the very best design and the most luxurious properties. We have many more chalets, apartments and hotel suites like this on our books. Please take a look at our portfolio for more stunning properties available this winter and give us a call on
+34 661 71 80 61  or +34 971 13 15 41 to speak to a specialist about your plans or email to

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